Welcome to the official site of New Star-Pole School.

NSP was founded with the mission of providing quality education and prepare the students to pursue bigger and greater goals in their lives.

Established in the year 2050 BS, i.e 1994 AD in Kandhaghari, Kathmandu, within a single storey building, the school has hence spawned across three buildings and currently builds the career of more than 600 students and employs 42 well-qualified teachers.

Key Highlights of New Star-Pole School

  • A Co-educational school, affiliated to D.E.O, Govt. of Nepal
  • Member of PABSON
  • Member of FECA
  • Achieved 100% pass in the last 13 years of the S.L.C Board Exam
  • Emphasis on the overall development of a child
  • A well established Teacher-Parent partnership that addresses a child’s need

Our inspiration lies in the quote, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”, Nelson Mandela.