New Star-Pole Family Day

What could be a better way to announce the official blog of the school than by sharing the details of the ‘Family Day’ held at school on February 17th 2017!!

The excitement was overwhelming and participants were confident. The whispers among the arriving parents reflected their curiosity and thrill. The stage was set by 11 am. The patience of the performers was giving away. Soon, the pleasant voices of our stars Shrishti Thapa and Sushmita Bhandari from Class X, the anchors for the day, echoed from the stage and welcomed the parents, marking the beginning of New Star-Pole Family Day 2073.

The Vice-Principal, Mr. Benup Raj Basnet took charge of the stage and involved all parents in a very fruitful and productive discourse in affairs related to academic & managerial functioning of the school. The parents were delighted to get the opportunity to place their suggestions in front of everyone. Such queries (which were addressed by respective block co-coordinators) & feedbacks are crucial for the school management to design future plan of action.

Midst all these, the excitement was growing back-stage. Chatters and giggles, sparkling dresses and juggling sounds filled the atmosphere and that moment in time, all were alive and seemed like everyone was living their school life to the fullest. Girls of Class X A & B had the biggest surprise for everyone. Their welcome dance was crafted to perfection. The program couldn’t have had a better start.

Soon, the little ones of Nursery, LKG and UKG, like stars on earth put up shows, captivating, enthralling and beautiful. Parents could hardly stop their tears when they saw their little ones on the stage. Those little souls of New Star Pole blessed everyone with their heart winning performances. They cultivated happiness among the audience with their innocence.

The stage witnessed breathtaking performances, one after another. Dancers displayed age-old culture while some came up with their acting skills in plays. One specific event allowed students of the schools to showcase their talents. The performances here were a treat for the eyes. Dances, songs, recitations & narrations, ring shows and many such skills were displayed with great vigor and passion. The students proved that school is not only about excelling in studies but also mastering various art forms.

A lot can be written and said about this day. The crowd had a big surprise when Narayan Sir involved them in a series of activity. Everyone was surprised when one of our parents showcased her dancing skills on the stage.

The day came to an end by closing dance performance from Class IX girls. We are very thankful to all the parents, students, teachers & all our family members for kind cooperation & helping us to make this event a very successful one.



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