Exam Blues

By: Sudhikshya Timalsina (Class IX)

D.L.E is very near,

Wonder how could they express their fear?

A lot of chapters to revise,

Useless faith of hope shines in everyone’s eyes.

How could they compete with coming eight days!

Just books & books look like a giant cage.

It looks like once upon a time in star pole,

Students fear in eighth standard,

Like a body without soul.

I question to that so called God,

Is this the culture of the world?

They are uncertain to solve the matter of study,

But are curious about the first experience of DLE.

They will surely do “better than the best”,

Work day and night with no rest.

Nepal has implemented the grading system,

Good luck to SLC holders and do protect your wisdom,

Coming exam days will surely bring a change,

Together with friends, with no feeling of revenge.

Rewinding my happiness through this note,

Will make me happy and my heart away from load.

I would review this poem again and again,

Happening smile would lead me to forget my pain.


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