I want a peaceful society,

without violence and torture

I want a beautiful world,

where there is care and love.


With my family I want to,

spend the nights and days.

By helping others, I want to

implant happiness and gay.


I want to fly like a bird,

without any restriction and cage.

I want to enjoy my life,

across the end of my age.


I want to achieve success,

with dedication and toil.

I do not want my single day,

to be wasted and spoiled.


I want to be the reason for,

someone’s happiness in their life.

I want to be as special as,

The nectar from the Bee’s hive.


I want to be the Sun,

that gives light to others.

I want to be the reason for,

smiling face of my Mother.


I want to understand,

the loneliness of a widow.

I want to relax,

in the comforting meadows.


I want to appreciate,

the contribution of every creature.

I want to be a part of,

a sustainable and beautiful Nature.


Written by:

Ashika Thapa 

Class X


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