Where Strangers Became A Family

Written by: Dipesh Bhandari

Located somewhere in a safe space, away from the tumultuous portion of Kathmandu valley is a place extremely sacred to me. It’s an institution that has given birth to thousands of leaders, thinkers and answer-seekers—a home for vehement aspirants—my school. It was around 16 years ago that my parents first took me to the front gates of my school. I was absolutely unaware at that particular moment that I had embarked on the most fun and engaging journey that anyone could ever be on. The thirteen fun years that passed by in a flash transformed me, inspired me and morphed my senses and intellect to concoct the person that I have become today. Even now, three years after graduation, I still cherish all the beautiful memories and moments that I made in school and I will hold them dear forever.

I was an extremely shy kid ever since I was little. Like everybody else, I was pretty oblivious about the whole idea of schools and schooling and for some reason I was highly terrified when it was my time to join school. I was afraid to talk to people and I used to dwell inside my own head, in my thoughts, in a different time. It was my teachers and my lovely friends who got me out of my head and drew my focus towards everything around me. So, the classes were always fun. No matter how sturdy routines we had to follow, we were always eager to learn new things everyday. With the rigorous yet fun methods of teaching and communicating, our teachers used to encapsulate the attention of every single one of us in the classroom into the subject matters. Everything used to seem interesting and learning was always an easy and enjoyable process for me, and hopefully for all of my friends. Obviously, it did use to get monotonous at times. But there were always games, books and extracurriculars to refresh us and to keep us focused during classes. School was truly our second home and we were a family. We always will be.

In spite of all the good things that happened in school, I did make a lot of mistakes. No matter how hard I tried, I was always too afraid to ask questions to my teachers. I used to get stupefied everytime I had to put forward my views or opinion about things and even the idea of speaking in front of a huge crowd used to terrify me. Everytime I tried, my anxiety used to get the best of me. I shall always be grateful to my teachers who provided me with so many opportunities to speak up for myself and share my views through speeches and debates.

I used to focus on a single subject for a long time without paying attention to other subjects. I failed to give equal priority to all of the subjects. And finally, I was sort of a book-worm without any knack for sports and I used to give very less priority to my health. My ignorance about these things caught up with me a lot of times which highly affected my performance in school.

To my curious juniors, I really wish that you would develop a habit of speaking up for yourself and putting forward your thoughts and ideas during classes becauses if you don’t, you’ll find it very difficult to learn something. Be curious about how everything works—from quarks to galaxies. Be inquisitive ! Don’t be too hesitant to ask questions, no matter how non-sensical it might sound. Everyone should understand the fact that nobody is predisposedly ‘weak’ at anything. Every single one of us have been gifted with our own rates of doing things and producing results out of our efforts. If you fail once, don’t get disheartened, just learn to stand up for yourself, be persistant about it, be willing to sacrifice an hour or two of your sleep everyday to achieve what you aspire to achieve. Your teachers are always there to help you no matter how many explanations it might take.

Be creative and imaginative because what you’ll imagine is what you’ll become. There will be a lot of floors and a lot of stairs to go up. But your teachers will always be there at the intervals to pull you up when you get tired. Wish, but dont forget to work hard, because without hardwork, your wishes will only get limited to your fantasies. Finally, those who wish to sing will always find a song out there. All you need to do is go and search for it.

It is absolutely true that a person will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. I am really thankful to the New-Star Pole family for helping me become the person that I am today.



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